I was suffering from severe pain in both the knees and I needed B/L Total Knee Replacement(TKR). I was refused TKR by ortho surgeons in Orissa ,Citing my obesity as the reason. But, Dr. B.S. Murthy gave me hope and Confidence and I came to Delhi and got operated by him -- TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT of both knees was done..I am very happy now and I am active and climbing stairs, going for walks and absolutely painfree. May god bless him and may more patients get treated by him.

Amit Kumar Mishra

I always used to be in trouble due to pain in both my knees. One fine day I decided to get the knee replacement surgery done and then I got it done by Dr. Murthy and I must say it was a miracle for me, now both my knees are free from pain and I am quite comfortable in walking and climbing stairs. God Bless Dr. Murthy.

R.K. Garg

I had severe pain and deformity of both the knees which made walking a very difficult task. I was weighing 120 KGS and that compounded the problem. On 06-05-2013, TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT of both knee joints was performed successfully by Ortho surgical team comprising of Dr. B.S. Murthy (Head of Unit), Dr. V.A. Senthil Kumar and Dr. Akhilesh Yadav. I started walking within 2 days of surgery and I did not feel any pain during or after surgery due to the latest technology of epidural medications.I am walking comfortably and climb 3 flights of stairs daily , when I go to my daughter's house in Mayur Vihar, Ph-2. I am very thankful to this wonderful team of Joint Replacement Specialists.

Neeta Chadda,64 /F , Malaygiri Apartments, Kaushambi.

My hip surgery had failed 12 years back and I was in discomfort ever since. After Dr. B.S. Murthy's treatment, I am pleased to say that the treatment was fully successful and now I feel comfortable.

Ravinder Singh Chauhan

My knee replacement surgery was done by Dr. B.S. Murthy and I am highly satisfied with the surgery. May god bless him.

Ashok Kumar Saxena